3 X Hair Express One Minute 2in1 Hair Colour 3.0 DARKEST BROWN

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3 X Hair Express One Minute 2in1  Hair Colour 3.0 DARKEST BROWN

Hair Express one minute hair colour has two essential function, It is an innovative permanet colour treatment that colours hairs,from application to development in one minute. Our exclusive colour formulation is mild and gentle on hair and due to shorter contact time, minimise damage to hair.

Direction to use:

1) Squeeze colour cream and the same amount of developer (1:1 Ratio) on the brush enclosed around the back.

2) Starting with the greyest hair, apply completely and evenly.Application may take up to four minutes dependent on hair length.

3) Leave colour on for one minute for optimum shade of colour, wait longer for darker shade.

4)rinse through with the warm water and shampoo until the water runs clear, Style as usuall.

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