Sebamed Olive Face and Body Wash 1L

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Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash 1L

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Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash 1L

Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash Gently cleanses deep into pores, without drying out the skin. Biological protection from body odour. An effective moisturizing complex, containing essential skin related amino acids, vitamins and lecithin, promotes the moisturize retaining capacity of your skin The pH value of 5. 5 maintains the balance of the acid mantle's hydro-lipid system and its protective barrier function against damaging environmental influences. Vitamin E scavenges free-radicals. Skin-related squalane supports the maintenance of the skin s moisture balance. Ideal for sensitive skin. Dermatologically and clinically tested If you have a skin disease or soap intolerance, you can use this product as a therapy supportive skin care.
The Science Behind Healthy Skin Every sebamed product is meticulously formulated to a pH balance of exactly 5.5 – precisely the pH of healthy skin. This is essential in maintaining your skin’s natural barrier against environmental stress. Any other pH level, such as found in soap, may leave your skin more susceptible to irritation and dryness. Discover what 150 clinical studies have already shown – pH 5.5 is vital for healthy skin.


  • Daily hygiene of normal and delicate skin.
  • Suitable for child and adult hygiene.
  • Size: 1L / 33.8 fl oz.
  • For sensitive and delicate skin
  • 100% soap & alkali-free
  • Maintains lipid & moisture balance
  • sam pH as healthy skin - 5.5
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