3,000pcs Water Crystal Soft Gel Ball Mini Round (9-11mm)

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3,000pcs Water Crystal Soft Gel Ball Mini Round (9-11mm)

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3,000pcs Water Crystal Soft Gel Ball Mini Round (9-11mm)

# Each Satchel is Factory Sealed for freshness and Contains 300 Gel Balls

# Total = 3,000 Gel Balls (9-11mm) 10 x 300 Gel Ball Satchels

# High quality and Firm Bullets

# For Best Results Soak for 4hrs in Water and watch them grow

# Crystal Water Balls Grow to 9mm-11mm after being soaked in Water

# Get a lot of fun out of these Water Balls, for use with Toy Crystal Water Ball shooters

# These Gel Balls are Environmentally Friendly and are Biodegradable

Choking hazard:
Keep away from the Mouth, so as not to cause harm.
Please use under adult supervision, Not for small children
Store in a high Place away from small children
Do not shoot at eyes, Always use eye protection

Package include:
10 x Satchels of 300 Gel Balls = 3,000 Water Gel Bullet Balls

Gel Ball Size List :
9-11mm : P90 ,Uzi, Tommy Gun, SMG9, KSG-15,MA5C, AK-105, M4 ,LVOA, M4, Tac Master, G36, M24 ,Dragunov ,SVD, M-29,Incisor Crossbow Rifle
10mm : SCAR
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