Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser 7.5ML

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Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser 7.5ML

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Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser 7.5ML

Neutralises unwanted smells fast one drop is enough.

Nilodor contains a highly concentrated, pure fragrance for fast and long lasting results

When and where to use Nilodor:

  • In cat litter to neutralise malodours
  • Deodorise pet accidents within and outside the home
  • Apply in rooms where pets spend majority of their time
  • Add a couple of drops of Nilodor Concentrated Deodoriser to your pet??s bath water to give your pet a fresh clean smell
  • Nilodor is ozone friendly as it doesn??t contain hydrocarbons or gas propellants
  • Nilodor is so highly concentrated that one dose is enough for fast and long lasting results

Keep out of Reach of Children. If product accidentally comes into contact with eyes, wash with water

Preparation Instructions:
Remove cap invert bottle. Tap with finger. Do not shake bottle. Each drop of nilodor is effective. If you can smell nilodor you have used too much. Nilodor acts fastest when it is placed near incoming air currents e.g window sill door and air conditioning inlet. Etc. Do not use on paint varnish plastic or rubber surfaces.

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