Lemaitre Chocolate Flaked Truffles 500G

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Lemaitre Chocolate Flaked Truffles 500G

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Lemaitre Chocolate Flaked Truffles 500G

If you are looking for a tasty chocolate truffle of the finest quality, look no further. Lemaitre created the Belgian Chocolate Truffle that are perfect for you. These delicious truffles are supplied in great looking gift box perfect for any occasion. 

Lemaitre truffles are produced using only the finest quality ingredients by one of the most renowned truffle manufactures in Belgium. Each truffle is made with machinery developed, tuned and manufactured In house to create a truly luxurious truffle.

Originally handmade, each truffle still retains its handmade character and the artisanal quality gained through 50 years of chocolate making experience.


  • Includes:
    • Vanilla Creme truffle with dark chocolate flakes
    • Caramel Sea Salt Truffle with milk chocolate flakes
  • A box to enjoy with family and friends!
  • Chocoholics will delight in their sublime taste and creamy richness.

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