RCR Universium 7pcs Wine Glasses And Decanter - Glass Set

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RCR Universium 7pcs Wine Glasses And Decanter - Glass Set

RCR Universum 7pcs wine set is among the finest, shape and clarity which is comparable to major European brands. It is suitable to give as gift during Christmas. Wine Set - is made up of 1pc wine decanter plus 6pcs wine glasses. Wine Glasses Capacity: 55cl , Decanter: H230mm Capacity: 200cl.


  • The 7-piece RCR Universum set brings the magic of crystal to your table
  • Unique RCR processing, long a distinguished mark of quality and class made in Italy.
  • The set consists of 6 glasses ideal for red wine and a beautiful decanter to oxygenate the wine once opened.
  • The internal structure of the glass ensures maximum aeration and an ideal shape for tasting red wine.
  • The delicate stem, fully anti-abrasion, is designed to be held effortlessly and without placing the fingers on the edge and risking warming the wine.
  • The set provides you with a whole range of possibilities for wine tasting, allowing you to enjoy every sip without the colour or flavour being changed by the material.
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